Englische Hörspiele

EUROPA invites young detectives, aspiring bandmates and future footballers to listen to its English audioplays: "The Three ???", "TKKG - Junior Investigators", "The Ballalloes", "The Gnats", "Hully Boo" and "The FoxPack". Translated from the beloved German series, the audioplays promise exciting adventures for all ages to enjoy.

Die beliebten Hörspiele von EUROPA, die bislang nur in Deutschland bekannt waren, gibt es ab sofort auch auf Englisch. Die Geschichten wurden übersetzt und bringen genauso viel Spannung, Abenteuer, Freundschaft und gemeinsame Erfolge mit sich. Freut euch auf: "The Three ???", "TKKG - Junior Investigators", "The Ballalloes", "The Gnats", "Hully Boo" and "The FoxPack"*.

* „Die drei ??? Kids", „TKKG junior", „Die Teufelskicker", „Die Punkies", „Der kleine Hui Buh" und „Die Fuchsbande"


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Football and friendship is all you need. Or at least that's the case for the football team 'The Ballalloes'.

Friends Nick, Nellie and Tom form 'The FoxPack'. The young detectives solve mysteries with the help of Phoebe, their vixen friend.

Rehearsals and band battles are the way to the rock 'n' roll Hall of Fame. Join The Gnats as they sing their way to the top.

Join the little ghost Hully Boo and his friend Heather Hex as they learn to haunt, spook and cast spells!

Justus, Peter and Bob, or The Three ???, use brilliant detective work to solve exciting mysteries in Rocky Beach, USA.

Tom, Kyle, Kelvin and Gabby form the detective club TKKG! No stone is left unturned in the group's exciting investigations.